Attorneys Handling Domestic Violence Cases for both the Abused & Wrongfully Accused

Domestic violence is a serious and sensitive issue that affects many individuals. At The Nelson Law Group in Evans, Georgia, we understand the complexity of these cases and offer our expertise to those in need of protection as well as those accused of such actions.


The Nelson Law Group in Evans, Georgia, provides legal support for those seeking protection from physical harm, threats, or harassment. On the flip side, we recognize that the domestic violence legal system can sometimes be misused. Individuals may make unfounded claims of abuse to remove a partner from the home or to gain leverage in family law matters.


Our attorneys, with their extensive backgrounds as former Assistant District Attorneys, represent clients on both sides of domestic violence legal proceedings. Whether you need to secure a protective order or you’re accused of violating one, reach out to The Nelson Law Group at 706-434-8770 to discuss of your situation. We serve a broad area around Evans, Georgia, including Augusta, Richmond County and surrounding area.




Domestic violence situations often lead to police intervention and arrests or may result in a victim requesting a temporary protective order from a court. Such orders are usually issued as a safety measure and can lead to the alleged offender being removed from the home and barred from contact.


We are prepared to act swiftly, whether advocating for a victim in need of ongoing protection or defending an individual wrongly accused of misconduct. For the victim, our attorneys gather evidence of repeated abuse or threats, proving the need for continued legal protection. For the accused, we focus on presenting evidence that disputes the claims or highlights reasons such as self-defense.

Serious allegations like those involving bodily harm or weapons can escalate to charges of aggravated assault, necessitating an even more rigorous defense.




While a protective order is a critical tool for victims, it alone cannot stop a determined abuser. Still, it serves as a significant legal deterrent, with violations leading to severe repercussions, including possible felony charges of aggravated stalking. Conversely, we also defend those unjustly accused of breaching protective orders, whether through misunderstandings or misrepresented intentions—often in cases involving desires to contact children or resolve issues amicably.


At The Nelson Law Group, we are committed to supporting genuine victims of abuse and defending those unjustly accused. Don’t hesitate to protect your rights and future. Contact us today at 706-434-8770 or visit our office in Evans, Georgia, for a consultation to explore your options and discuss our effective defense strategies.


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