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Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

There are different types of divorces a married couple can get depending on their state and the circumstances. One of those options is an uncontested divorce. Georgia is one of the states in which a married couple can dissolve their marriage through this type of divorce. Uncontested divorce in GA means that a married couple can legally end their marriage by agreeing on how they will divide all assets and debts. Additionally, in an uncontested divorce in GA, if the marriage resulted in children, the couple may agree on how they would share child support and child custody; however, a judge must approve the child custody and child support arrangement. Call The Nelson Law Group divorce attorneys in Augusta GA if you and your spouse are looking into obtaining an uncontested divorce.


How Does Uncontested Divorce Differ from Contested Divorce?

Contested divorce vs. an uncontested divorce in Georgia is important to know depending on the specifics. In a contested divorce, the two spouses are unable to agree about some or all issues. They may disagree about the terms of the divorce and even whether to get a divorce in the first place. One party can serve the other with a petition for divorce and the other may refuse to sign or even acknowledge receiving it. In a contested divorce, the parties may not agree on child support and custody matters, how to divide their assets and debts, alimony and much more.


Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce in Georgia, the parties completely agree on means of ending their marriage. When the two spouses agree on everything involved in dissolving the marriage, it can make the process much easier, quicker and cost-effective Additionally, in an uncontested divorce, they may be easily able to get their paperwork together and obtain a judgment of divorce without having to step into court. As a result, an uncontested divorce is far cheaper for both parties and costs less emotionally as well. This is also easier on the children if the marriage produced any.


Another notable advantage of an uncontested divorce in Georgia is that it is a much more efficient means of ending your marriage. Whereas a contested divorce may take longer, sometimes more than a year, to be finalized due to all the disagreements between the parties, an uncontested divorce can be settled in as little as thirty days.


Four Major Issues in a Divorce

Overall, in any type of divorce, there are four major issues that are relevant. These are the matters that the parties wishing to divorce must agree on in order for their divorce to be considered contested. They include the following:

• Alimony
• Equitable division of assets and debts
• Child custody
• Child support


However, it’s important to note that just because the two parties agree on a particular matter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have agreed on or even discussed the specifics of that issue. For example, a divorcing couple may have agreed that the one would be paying alimony to the other after the divorce is finalized. If they have not discussed even a general number that the paying party would be paying each month, then it is not clear and does not fully address the issue of alimony.


What is the Process of an Uncontested Divorce?

In Georgia, an uncontested divorce begins when one spouse files a petition or complaint for divorce with the court. Both parties have already agreed on all the major issues. Along with this document, there is also a Marital Settlement Agreement filed to confirm that the parties agree on the arrangements. Only one party is required to file the petition or complaint for divorce when seeking an uncontested divorce. The other may sign an Acknowledgement of Service and Consent to Jurisdiction to speed up the divorce process as the service of the petition or complaint, summons and hearing notices are waived.


Mediation for Negotiating a Settlement Agreement

One of the cheapest ways to agree on a settlement is for the two parties to get together to negotiate on what to do with all marital property and all matters relating to the children. Although many married couples find it difficult to do this once they have decided that their marriage is no longer worth salvaging, it is ultimately worth it due to the benefits that come with an uncontested divorce.


A good option available to divorcing couples who wish to get an uncontested divorce is mediation. During the mediation process there is a neutral third party in the form of a family law mediator assisting the parties in negotiating a fair and satisfactory settlement that they can both agree upon. A mediator does not make a decision but instead helps a divorcing couple to come to an agreement that is created by and works for both parties.

Having an attorney during the process of an uncontested divorce can also help you. It ensures that the process is better structured and a lawyer can work on behalf of your best interests.


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