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Auto drivers often fail to adequately watch for cyclists, leading to frequent bicycle collisions despite cyclists’ safety efforts. In such accidents, cyclists usually bear the brunt of the impact. Law enforcement and public biases against cyclists can further complicate accident investigations.


Victims of bicycle-auto collisions can suffer devastating and long-lasting injuries, leading to substantial financial strain for them and their families. The law, however, allows these individuals to seek compensation for various damages, including medical costs, lost earnings, funeral expenses, and other economic losses.


They’re also entitled to damages for pain, suffering, and loss of spousal support. While financial compensation can’t undo the harm, it can alleviate the resulting economic burdens.


Immediately following a bicycle accident, the responsible vehicle’s insurer will begin probing the incident. They aim to minimize the compensation to the injured cyclist. They quickly gather evidence, statements, and assess injuries, often within the first 24 hours post-accident. To discuss your case with a skilled Georgia lawyer adept in bicycle accidents involving vehicles, free of charge, click here.


Insurance firms often rush to settle with injured cyclists, hoping to dodge future expenses for medical care, lost wages, and other damages. This rush to settlement can be detrimental, as it takes time to fully assess injuries, which may require surgery or result in permanent disability. The true claim value only becomes clear after a complete medical diagnosis and prognosis. In Georgia, most personal injury claims from bicycle accidents must be filed within two years, so there’s no need to hastily settle with the insurer.


Other complexities arise for bicycle accident victims, like reimbursement demands from health insurers or workers’ compensation insurers if the accident occurred on the job. Understanding these nuances is crucial before agreeing to any settlement. For a no-charge discussion with a Georgia attorney experienced in bicycle accidents with cars or trucks, click here.


Georgia law mandates liability insurance for vehicles, with minimum coverage limits. However, these may not suffice for an injured party’s claim, necessitating exploration of the at-fault driver’s other insurance sources or personal assets. Other parties, like government agencies responsible for road maintenance, might also share liability. Your own insurance might offer additional coverage for injuries sustained in a bicycle-auto collision.


Evaluating a personal injury claim from a bicycle-auto accident is intricate. It involves assessing injury severity, recoverable economic losses, and liability issues. Factors like trial location and the claimant’s previous injuries also influence the claim’s value.


Vehicle insurers have extensive experience in appraising bicycle accident injury claims and aim to settle for the lowest amount. Hence, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney to negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. Ideally, this should be a Georgia attorney specializing in bicycle accident personal injury claims, ready to litigate if necessary to secure a fair settlement.


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