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Sometimes, good people end up in tough spots, either by making a poor decision or mixing with the wrong crowd. At The Nelson Law Group, we strive to avert long-term imprisonment for those accused of possessing or trafficking drugs. Our criminal defense attorneys, many of whom have invaluable experience as former Assistant District Attorneys, are skilled at examining the evidence and minimizing penalties.

Operating from Evans, Georgia, and serving the broader areas including Columbia County, Richmond County, Burke County, and nearby regions, our firm is your go-to legal team. For a consultations, call us today at 706-434-8770.




Possessing any of the following is considered a felony:

  • Any quantity of a controlled substance like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or ecstasy
  • Any unlawfully acquired prescription drug such as OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin
  • An ounce or more of marijuana

When specific amounts — or even small quantities of various drugs, scales or baggies — are involved, the charge could escalate to possession with intent to distribute. Such a conviction might result in several years of imprisonment, and prior drug offenses could potentially lead to a life sentence. Our attorneys work diligently to persuade the prosecution to lessen these charges or to place our clients in diversion programs or other alternatives that avoid severe prison terms.




Drug trafficking is met with compulsory minimum prison sentences, and penalties intensify with prior convictions or if firearms were involved during the arrest. The financial repercussions are also significant, including asset seizures and fines that could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Our attorneys are proficient in uncovering weaknesses in the case against you, improving your position to negotiate lesser charges or penalties, and if needed, we are prepared to defend your freedom at trial.




Prosecutors are tough in drug trafficking cases. You must challenge the evidence to establish a strong bargaining stance. For expert defense strategies, call The Nelson Law Group at 706-434-8770 or visit us at 7004 Evans Town Center Blvd., Third Floor, Evans, Georgia 30809 to discuss your case.


If you, a family member, or a close friend faces criminal charges, contact The Nelson Law Group today at 706-434-8770 or visit us at 7004 Evans Town Center Blvd., Third Floor, Evans, Georgia 30809 to discuss your particular case and our creative defense strategies with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Nearly all the attorneys at The Nelson Law Group are former Assistant District Attorneys, so our unique insight on how the prosecution approaches cases equips us with the ability to fight for you, and we don’t back down. Every criminal charge holds potentially life-altering consequences. We don’t hold back on providing our clients the best possible criminal defense available. CALL THE NELSON LAW GROUP ATTORNEYS AT LAW TODAY TO DISCUSS YOUR CASE


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