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Debunking DUI Myths: An Essential Guide for the Misinformed

By Pierce Blitch

The Truth Behind DUI Misconceptions

As experienced attorneys specializing in DUI defense, We’ve encountered several myths that not only mislead but can also seriously harm those facing DUI charges. It’s crucial to debunk these falsehoods to ensure you are well-informed about your rights and the legal nuances of DUI cases.

Understanding the BAC Levels: More Than Just Numbers

Myth: “A BAC below .08 g/L means I’m safe from DUI charges.” Fact: DUI charges aren’t solely dependent on the .08 g/L BAC threshold. Various factors, such as evidence of impaired driving, can lead to charges even with a BAC lower than .08 g/L. Additionally, drivers under 21 can face charges for BACs as low as .02 g/L. Remember, alcohol affects individuals differently; what might be negligible for one could be incapacitating for another.

Field Sobriety Tests: Not the Final Verdict

Myth: “Failing a field sobriety test seals my fate.” Fact: Field sobriety tests are not definitive indicators of intoxication. These tests are subjective and depend on various factors, including the correct administration by the officer. Failures can occur for reasons unrelated to alcohol consumption, such as physical coordination issues or medication you may have taken. As your attorney, we challenge these tests’ validity in court, ensuring your rights are protected.

The Reliability of Intoxilyzer Breath Tests

Myth: “Intoxilyzer tests are foolproof.” Fact: Intoxilyzer breath tests are prone to inaccuracies influenced by numerous external factors. Issues like dietary habits, medical conditions, or even the timing of alcohol consumption can skew results. A high BAC reading isn’t always a clear indicator of intoxication. In your defense, we scrutinize these tests’ accuracy and reliability.

Navigating Your DUI Case: You’re Not Alone

Feeling overwhelmed after a DUI arrest is natural. However, it’s crucial to remember that you have options and rights. Prosecutors might portray your situation as dire based on field tests or Intoxilyzer results, but as your DUI defense attorney, we are dedicated to challenging these assertions and fighting the State’s case against you.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Understanding the truth behind DUI myths is the first step towards effectively navigating your legal journey. Our commitment as your attorney is not just to defend you in court but also to educate and empower you about the realities of DUI law. Together, we can confront these challenges with knowledge and determination.


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