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Divorce, also known as the dissolution of a marriage, is the final termination of a marital union. At the conclusion of this process is a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce that does away with the legal duties and responsibilities of a marriage. The expert divorce attorneys at  The Nelson Law Group in Augusta GA can help you navigate through this difficult process.


Separation, or separate maintenance, is available to those who may have some objection to divorce for religious, moral or personal reasons, or a spouse’s needs are better served by living apart from the other without actually ending the marriage. Separate maintenance resolves many of the same issues without the entry of a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce.  Before a Final Decree can be entered, all the issues surrounding a marriage, including child custody, child support, property and debt division must be resolved.


Many times these matters are resolved by the parties to a divorce themselves by agreement, but sometimes the parties don’t always agree on some or all of these issues and a Judge may rule on these matters after each party has a chance to tell their side. Each issue entails a specific knowledge of the law surrounding it as well as how those issues relate to the others. Every couple and every divorce has its own set of unique circumstances which require careful consideration of the legal issues and circumstances involved.

The divorce and separation attorneys at The Nelson Law Group are able to provide clear and objective advice to clients, and guide each client through the divorce process with an eye toward achieving the client’s desired outcome.