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Having an attorney who knows and is active in the practice of Family Law and Domestic Relations in and around the Evans, GA area can make all the difference in your case. Having a strong advocate and counselor by your side who has spent years building and maintaining relationships with the Judges and other lawyers who regularly practice in this area gives our firm an edge over others. The expertise and relationships our firm delivers are critical to taking what may be a chaotic, and possibly destructive, family situation to one that gives you and your family the best opportunity for a life as free as possible from uncertainty you and your family ma be feeling when divorce and child custody issues arise.


Every family experiences hardships that can create a lot of stress, financial worry, and even heartache. The family lawyers at The Nelson Law Group will serve the best interests of you and your loved ones, with skill and compassion to help your family with all their legal needs.

Whether you are facing the difficult decision to end your marriage, challenge a custody or support agreement, or defend yourself against devastating accusations after a criminal or DFCS (Department of Family and Child Services) investigation, an experienced family lawyer who understands these sensitive matters can help you through trying times. An effective attorney can also be a useful resource when planning for your future with prenuptial agreements, estate planning, and completing your family with an adoption.


Win. But not at all costs.

At The Nelson Law Group we know family law is different. “Winning” is relative, especially in divorce. Emotional, personal and financial costs matter. We use our expertise wisely, with clear vision of your goals, we focus strength where it matters—to resolve your family matter with all costs considered.


A strategic approach to Family Law. The best possible outcome.

The Nelson Law Group takes a strategic approach to your case based on our experienced knowledge of how family law really works. The attorneys at The Nelson Law Group are committed to guide you to the best possible outcome, with an honest accounting of the costs – emotional, personal and financial.


We begin with a clear understanding of your goals, and develop an agreed-upon strategy to achieve them. With constant vision of those goals and strategy, we take a realistic, cost-benefit assessment of every decision, every step of the way.


We walk softly, and carry a big stick.

A negotiated settlement is often the path to your best possible outcome. And the best way to a negotiated settlement is to prepare for trial. That is why each The Nelson Law Group attorney is not only a skilled negotiator but also a tenacious litigator. We stress the value of early case mediation, choose battles wisely, and focus legal strength where it matters.


We drive the case forward.

The wheels of justice can move slowly. At The Nelson Law Group we do everything in our power to drive the case forward – with our professional experience in litigation and motion practice, and our personal commitment to our clients to return emails and calls promptly. We understand the emotional toll surrounding family law, and that an important factor in your best possible outcome is for finality to come as quickly as possible.


We keep you informed. We’re here when you need us.

Clear, timely communication is as important to us as it is to you. At The Nelson Law Group we make sure that you have access to us, and we keep you informed of every decision and detail, every step of the way.