Fighting Marijuana Possession Charges in Evans

Despite the shift in some states towards more lenient marijuana laws and the legalization of recreational cannabis, holding even a small quantity of marijuana remains illegal in Georgia. Each year, countless individuals are arrested for marijuana offenses, with many facing jail time.


Misdemeanor and Felony Charge: Experienced Criminal Defense in All Courts


It’s vital not to treat a marijuana arrest or citation lightly. Before speaking to the police or considering a guilty plea, speak with and hire an attorney. Your right to silence is powerful. Consulting a lawyer early on is crucial because the potential consequences of these charges can be severe.


Facing a felony charge demands the support of a seasoned attorney experienced in defending those charged with marijuana offenses. In Georgia, several marijuana offenses are treated as felonies, including:

  • Having more than 28 grams
  • Intent to distribute
  • Involvement with minors under 17 or within a drug-free zone
  • Selling, delivering, growing, or trafficking marijuana Georgia’s recent legislation also classifies synthetic marijuana offenses as felonies. Charges related to drug-impaired driving or paraphernalia should also prompt you to seek a knowledgeable attorney.

Striving for the Best Outcome: Plea Negotiations and Trial Advocacy


The Nelson Law Group, with multiple decades of collective criminal defense and prosecution experience throughout Georgia, including major hubs like Augusta and Evans. Our team, led by our skilled attorneys, is dedicated to a thorough review of your case, ensuring you understand all possible outcomes. We’re equipped with substantial experience in both trials and negotiations.


Our approach is proactive and determined, aiming to expose any violations of your rights or flaws in the prosecution’s case. Should negotiating a plea or an alternative to trial serve your interests better, you can trust us to tirelessly work for the most favorable resolution. We guide you at every step, ensuring you make informed decisions for your future.


We fight for you, and we don’t back down. Every criminal charge holds potentially life-altering consequences. We don’t hold back on providing our clients the best possible criminal defense available.  Nearly all the attorneys at The Nelson Law Group are former Assistant District Attorneys, so our unique insight on how the prosecution approaches cases equips us with the ability to see the case from all sides. If you, a family member, or a close friend faces criminal charges, contact The Nelson Law Group today at 706-434-8770 or visit us at 7004 Evans Town Center Blvd., Third Floor, Evans, Georgia 30809 to discuss your unique case and our creative defense strategies with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.




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