Georgia DUI Field Sobriety Tests

In Georgia, when a driver is halted during a typical DUI traffic stop and the law enforcement officer has reason to believe the driver is impaired, a series of field sobriety evaluations may be administered. These tests, designed to be straightforward physical or mental tasks, are intended to exhibit the driver’s level of sobriety. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) established guidelines to enhance the precision of these tests, now referred to as ‘standardized field sobriety tests.’




The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

The Walk and Turn Test

The One-Leg Stand Test



    • Positioning with feet together while tilting the head backward and counting to 30 (this is called Romberg’s Test)

    • Identifying and counting the officer’s raised fingers

    • Reciting a segment or the entirety of the alphabet

    • Counting in reverse order

    • Rhomberg Balance Test: standing with feet together, tilting the head back to gaze at the sky, and extending arms to the sides

    • Finger-to-Nose: the individual is asked to close their eyes, and with arm extended, touch their nose with their fingertip

    • Hand-Pat Evaluation: one hand is held palm up, the other hand placed on top palm down, and then alternately patted on the back and palm of the lower hand

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