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How a DUI in Georgia Can Impact Your Employment Opportunities

By Pierce Blitch

If you are dealing with a DUI charge or conviction in Georgia, you might already be feeling the weight it can put on your job prospects. Especially for those with commercial driver’s licenses, a DUI record can lock you out of many job opportunities. However, there are concrete steps you can take to possibly restore your ability to find employment.

The Long Reach of Background Checks

When employers conduct background checks, they must adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which governs these screenings. While arrests fade from reports after seven years, a DUI conviction does not. This can indefinitely impact your job search. Unlike some states, Georgia does not require employers to justify the relevance of past convictions to the job being applied for.

Exploring the Possibility of Expungement or Record Restriction

One potential path to clearing your record is through expungement or record restriction, a legal process that seals records of arrests or convictions. This could be beneficial if the conviction was from your younger years or if it was a one-time mistake. However, it’s important to understand the limitations:

  • Expungement and Record Restriction are not universally available.
  • It might be an option for arrests, but often not for convictions.
  • Only certain cases, like those involving juvenile offenders, might be eligible.
  • In Georgia, expungements and record restrictions don’t erase an entire criminal record; each eligible arrest must be individually petitioned.
  • Felony convictions, including those for DUI, are not eligible for expungement in Georgia.

Seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney is crucial if you are considering this route, as navigating the legal options can be complex.

Take Charge of Your Future

Facing a DUI is undoubtedly challenging, but it doesn’t have to define your career. Understanding your legal rights and options is the first step toward mitigating the impact on your employment opportunities. If you’re at this crossroads, professional legal advice is your best tool.


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