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How Does Personal Injury Auto Insurance Work in Georgia?

By Pierce Blitch

Unraveling the Intricacies of Auto Insurance Post-Accident

Being a responsible driver in Georgia means securing the necessary auto insurance to lawfully register and operate your vehicle. While we all hope to never use it, the reality is that accidents happen. More often than not, these incidents result in mere property damage. We dutifully report the damage and trust our insurers to handle the rest. However, the stakes are significantly higher when an accident leads to personal injuries, or worse, fatalities.

Understanding Your Policy: The Foundation of Your Coverage

Before diving into the complexities of insurance claims post-accident, it’s important to grasp the key terminologies defining your policy. In Georgia, the law mandates every driver to have a minimum Bodily Injury Liability of $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident. Additionally, a minimum of $25,000 in Property Damage Liability is required for each occurrence.

Securing the minimum Bodily Injury coverage means your insurer covers up to $25,000 for medical expenses or wrongful death claims if you’re deemed at fault in an accident. Another critical term to know is Physical Damage Insurance, often synonymous with collision insurance. While not a legal requisite, most financing institutions insist on this coverage to safeguard your vehicle against damages.

Litigating for Damages: Georgia’s Stance on Fault

The concept of no-fault insurance, where each party files a claim with their insurer regardless of fault, is familiar to many. However, Georgia’s stance diverges from this practice. Here, an injured party holds the right to pursue the at-fault driver for the entirety of their financial losses, encompassing medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering incurred due to the accident.

The Role of Comparative Negligence in Your Claim

It’s common in auto accidents for both parties to bear a portion of the blame. Georgia adheres to the Modified Comparative Fault rule, allowing a driver to seek damages unless they are 50 percent or more at fault. Interestingly, some states permit claims even when the plaintiff is predominantly at fault, a stark contrast to Georgia’s stance.

The Journey to Just Compensation

Every personal injury case begins with establishing fault and determining the liable insurance company. This stage often sees fierce contests between insurers, each striving to minimize their financial exposure. Once liability is established, the dispute shifts to causation and damages for the injuries. Many fall into the trap of accepting early settlement offers, not realizing that the true extent of their damages may manifest later. This irrevocable decision highlights why having a tenacious and informed personal injury lawyer is paramount.


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