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How to Talk To and Guide Your Children Through Your Divorce

By Pierce Blitch

Divorce is a challenging chapter in life. It can also be a particularly strenuous time for children. As parents navigate these turbulent waters, the manner in which they support their children is vital. Embracing resilience and composure is vital during this process. Here’s how you can guide your children through your divorce with strength and grace.

The Crucial Conversation: Breaking the News with Care

It’s essential to inform your children about the divorce before they hear it from external sources. Once your decision is firm, gather your children for ‘the Talk’. This conversation is tough but necessary. Ideally, it should involve both parents.

Maintain a composed demeanor. Shield them from your anger, fear, or sorrow. Remember, deciding to end a marriage is an adult responsibility, not a burden for your children. Assure them that:

  1. They are not to blame for the split.
  2. Your love for them remains unchanged and eternal.
  3. Both parents will continue to collaborate in raising them.
  4. Ultimately, things will be alright.

These assurances need to be reiterated over time.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Post-Divorce Parenting

During and after ‘the Talk’, steer clear of these pitfalls:

  • Oversharing: Share only what affects them, like living arrangements and schedules. Refrain from discussing adult issues or expressing grievances about the other parent, especially in the children’s hearing range.
  • Blaming: Avoid using the other parent as a scapegoat for unpleasant situations. Phrase things neutrally and focus on positive aspects.
  • Manipulating: Using children as leverage against your spouse harms your relationship with your children and your spouse.
  • Disrupting: Children benefit from routine and stability. Aim to maintain normalcy in their lives.
  • Ignoring: Your pain is significant, but don’t overlook your children’s emotional needs. Offer them the love and support necessary for a healthy adjustment.


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