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Our law practice is focused on personal injury cases including serious and catastrophic injuries (wrongful death, brain injury, spinal injury, burns) arising from negligence of drivers and motor carriers (large trucks as well as buses), and other negligent acts.

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Car Accidents
The Nelson Law Group is a preeminent. The attorneys at The Nelson Law Group are Evans Georgia injury attorney who have recovered millions of dollars for injured people and their family members in numerous car and truck accident cases. These have included rear-end crashes, hit and run accidents, traffic light crashes, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents, and fatal crashes. With decades of combined experience, the attorneys of The Nelson Law Group have serious familiarity with numerous causes of these accidents, the insurance companies regularly involved, and just how to obtain optimal recovery.

Truck Accidents
Truck accidents are not simply bigger car accidents. Serious trucking accidents involving tractor-trailers, big rigs, semi trucks, dump trucks, tanker trucks, concrete trucks, delivery trucks, and intermodal container chassis equipment can be significantly more complicated. These cases often consist of multiple defendants– trucking companies, truck drivers, third-party logistic firms, equipment manufacturers, intermodal freight container equipment providers, and even ocean shipping companies.

As a knowledgeable injury attorneys serving the Evans Georgia area, The Nelson Law Group can recognize all of the people and entities that may have been accountable for causing your injuries. The Nelson Law Group has a lengthy record of obtaining optimum compensation for people injured in truck wrecks, along with families of victims killed in fatal truck accidents.

Frequently, a truck driver’s employer can be held accountable for a truck crash if the driver was on the job at the time. This is known as the theory of vicarious liability. In other circumstances, a trucking company may have been responsible for a truck accident in the Evans Georgia area if it failed to appropriately maintain its vehicles or make sure that its drivers were qualified to operate them. In some cases a trucking company will miss or deliberately neglect a red flag during the hiring process, or it might allow or encourage drivers to falsify their logbooks or violate other federal regulations. In other cases, a manufacturer might be held accountable for a defective component that caused a trucking accident. Evans Georgia injury lawyers The Nelson Law Group have collaborated with accident investigators and reconstruction experts who help prepare these complex cases. Additionally, we work with doctors, economists, and life care planners to aid in explaining for a judge and jury the financial impact of an injury on a client.

Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle riders place themselves at risk whenever they get on the roadway. Their vulnerable position exposes them to significant injuries, such as brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and also road rash, when a negligent, reckless or careless driver strikes them. Georgia law requires drivers to share the roadway with motorcyclists, yet many drivers do not heed these rules. After a motorcycle accident, moreover, a negligent, reckless or careless driver or their insurance company sometimes will point fingers at the motorcyclist and allege that they caused the crash. It can have the effect of preventing or reducing a victim’s compensation award if this argument is successful. Motorcycle accident lawyer The Nelson Law Group understand the significance of battling these accusations, and we can build evidence to ensure that a defendant pays the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Other Premises Liability Claims
As a guest or customer in someone’s home, apartment complex, condominium, business, hotel, or motel, you have a right to expect that the properties will be safe and that you will be free from harm caused by the negligence of the property owner, operator, or maintenance company. But when maintenance is neglected or building codes are not complied with, unsafe conditions might lead to injuries to victims. Similarly, when an owner or operator of property has notice of an increased risk of violent crime, there may be liability to a victim who is injured by a crime on the approaches or premises. For an injured individual to recover damages under a premises liability theory, their slip and fall attorney generally must establish that the landowner had superior knowledge of the condition or hazard that caused their injury. As an injury lawyer experienced in investigating and litigating Evans Georgia accident cases, The Nelson Law Group has effectively brought a wide variety of premises liability claims for clients.

Child Injuries
Among the most devastating experiences that a parent can endure is an accident involving their child. Both the child and their parents may be able to bring claims based on the accident. While the parents can pursue compensation for the medical expenses related to treating the child’s injuries, the child can seek compensation for pain and suffering, along with any future medical expenses and lost earning capacity after they become an adult. The legal issues often are complicated in these cases, so it is critical to consult an Evans Georgia injury lawyer who can navigate the process on your behalf. For instance, the attractive nuisance doctrine in Georgia may permit a child to recover compensation after an accident on somebody else’s property when an adult in a similar situation could not.

Wrongful Death
The regrettable truth is that a lot of the most devastating accidents cost a victim their life. A family dealing with grief over their loss has legal rights to assert, and the wrongful death lawyers at The Nelson Law Group fight for them. They can help you pursue compensation following a fatal car accident or truck crash, or any other tragedy that resulted from someone’s negligence or misconduct. Similar to personal injury cases, wrongful death cases must be brought within a strict statute of limitations under Georgia law. This means that you should not delay in taking legal action to seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, as well as the harm that you have suffered from the loss of your loved one’s presence in your life.

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The Nelson Law Group personal injury attorneys Pierce Blitch, Simon Williams and Mark Shaefer started their legal careers as a trial lawyer prosecuting criminal cases as Assistant District Attorneys, ranging from DUI to vehicular homicide to murder and many other types of crimes. Afterward, they have had broad experience in representing individuals, businesses and even local governments and have worked for years representing individuals and families that have suffered harm due to the negligence and recklessness of other people. As personal injury attorneys offering Evans Georgia and the bordering neighborhoods, The Nelson Law Group represents injured victims and families who have lost a loved one, and they want to help you with your case as well. Call 706-434-8770 or contact us online to talk about a serious case with serious attorneys.

Every accident victim experiences hardships that can create a lot of stress, financial worry, and even heartache. The personal injury attorneys at The Nelson Law Group will serve the best interests of you and your loved ones, with skill and compassion to help your family with all their legal needs.

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A negotiated settlement is often the path to your best possible outcome. And the best way to a negotiated settlement is to prepare for trial. That is why each The Nelson Law Group has attorneys that are not only a skilled negotiator but also a tenacious litigator. We stress the value of early case mediation, choose battles wisely, and focus legal strength where it matters.

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