Areas of Practice


Local Government Law

The main goal of The Nelson Law Group is to provide comprehensive representation for our local government clients, regardless of the subject matter.


Personal Injury

Serious Injury and Wrongful Death Cases.

Our law practice is focused on personal injury cases including serious and catastrophic injuries (wrongful death, brain injury, spinal injury, burns) arising from negligence of drivers and motor carriers (large trucks as well as buses), and other negligent acts.

Other areas of Personal Injury.

Other areas include: Car Accidents, Herniated Cervical Discs, Back Burst Fracture Injury, Distracted Driving Accidents & Drunk Driving Accidents.


Civil Litigation

Local Law Experts.

Civil litigation law refers to the area of law that deals with disputes between individuals, businesses, or other entities that are not related to criminal activities.


Business and Corporate Law

Ever Changing and Evolving.

Business and corporate law are legal areas that pertain to the formation, operation, management, and dissolution of businesses, corporations, and other types of commercial entities. These areas of law provide a framework for regulating the relationships between various stakeholders involved in business activities


Probate and Estate Planning

We consider you.

Estate Planning and dealing with death and end of life issues can be extremely difficult and leaves loved ones with several problems. Our probate and estate lawyers specialize in legal matters related to the distribution of a person’s assets and the management of their affairs after their death.


Criminal Defense

Make sure you are covered.

Our state and federal criminal laws have become increasingly unforgiving. The pressure placed on the government to arrest and convict offenders is high, and this pressure can sometimes chip away at the fundamental foundation of our criminal justice system: The presumption of innocence and proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Other Areas of this practice:

Drug Crime, Possession of Marijuana, Illegal Search and Seizure, State Drug Crimes, Theft by Taking, Theft and Property Crime, Shop Lifting, DUI/ DWI and DUI Arrest Process.


Family Law

Your guide through the process.

In Family Law, the purpose of the divorce process is to end the marriage and decide or resolve issues including child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony/spousal support, division of property and debt, and attorney’s fees and costs of litigation.

Other Areas of this practice:

Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support and Alimony and Uncontested Divorce.