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Prescription Medication and the Risk of Drugged Driving

by Pierce Blitch

The Unseen Threat on Georgia Roads

It’s clear that the peril of driving under the influence extends beyond alcohol. This article dives into the underestimated danger of drugged driving, particularly when prescription medications are involved. In Georgia, the laws are stringent, and the consequences, severe. Understanding these laws is critical for every driver.

Understanding the Intricacies of Georgia’s DUI Laws

Prescription Drugs and DUI

Georgia’s legal framework is uncompromising when it comes to driving under the influence of any drug that impairs driving ability. It’s important to note that having a legal prescription doesn’t exempt you from DUI charges if the drug renders you” less safe” to drive. This is a critical aspect that is often overlooked: legality does not equal immunity.

The ‘Less Safe’ Standard: A Legal Gray Area

Navigating the “less safe” standard in drugged driving cases can be challenging due to its subjective nature. Unlike alcohol, where a .08% limit provides a clear benchmark, drugged driving lacks such a firm rule. This is where the expertise of a seasoned Georgia drugged driving attorney becomes invaluable.

The Diverse Effects of Drugs on Driving

Yet, it’s not just illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin that pose a threat. Legal medications impacting alertness, reaction time, and decision-making can equally contribute to drugged driving charges. The effects vary widely among different people, such as the elderly or those with specific health conditions.

A Cautionary Note for Georgia Drivers

The bottom line for Georgia drivers is unmistakable: vigilance is key. Being aware of how medications affect your driving ability is critical. Neglecting this can lead to not just accidents, but potentially criminal charges.


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