Rollover Car Accident


When a car flips onto its side or roof, it’s known as a rollover accident. These accidents are alarmingly common. Such accidents frequently happen during the morning and evening rush hours.


The primary factor in rollover accidents is vehicle stability, a concept that balances a vehicle’s center of gravity with its track width. Picture the stability of a Porsche Carrera or the agility of an athlete like Barry Sanders, both exemplifying low centers of gravity and broad track widths. Alternatively, vehicles like SUVs, with higher centers of gravity, face increased rollover risks, especially on narrow or curvy roads.


Tripping is another common cause of rollovers. In this context, tripping means a vehicle skidding sideways (due to a collision or losing control) and then either hitting an object like a curb or regaining traction abruptly. This sudden side force can cause the vehicle to roll over.


Rollovers can also result from direct collisions, such as side impacts, or when a vehicle drives over uneven terrain like ditches or slopes. The risk of rollovers varies across vehicle types, with SUVs and four-wheel pickup trucks being particularly prone due to their higher centers of gravity and sometimes additional loads they carry.


The danger of rollover crashes are intensified by the potential for roof crush, leading to severe head injuries, brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Vehicle crashworthiness – the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants during collisions – is an important aspect of automotive design and manufacturing. Auto manufacturers are obligated to consider evolving safety technologies and design standards. In cases where a vehicle’s design flaw contributes to rollover injuries, skilled lawyers can demonstrate that such risks were heightened by these design choices and could have been mitigated.


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