State Drug Crimes


Drug crimes are some of the most serious in the justice system. Over the past 50 years, governments have made it their mission to crack down on the scourge of illegal and prescription drugs across the country. While the United States has begun to move away from the harshest anti-drug sentences, many charges could lead to years or even decades in prison. Anyone arrested for a drug crime needs to take those crimes seriously if they ever hope to present the best defense possible. The drug defense attorneys at The Nelson Law Group law firm in Augusta GA have years of experience successfully defending against drug charges. Our defense attorneys are experts in Georgia Drug Crime Law and are committed to providing our clients with the best drug defense available.


Possession of Drug Charges

Possession is the lowest level of state drug crimes. It refers to the crime of having a certain amount of a controlled substance in a person’s home, car, or clothes. The amount possessed and what drug is possessed often determines the penalties associated with the crime. Drugs such as marijuana and tend to bring about light criminal sentences in many states where the drug has not been legalized.

There are even some states that have either decriminalized or practically ignored those individuals who carry under a certain amount of a drug on their person or in their home. GEORGIA IS NOT ONE OF THESE STATES. These penalties increase drastically when the amounts of possession increase with more dangerous drugs. The possession of even a few grams of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, LSD or potent THC oil could lead a person to be jailed for months or years.


Manufacturing Drug Charges

Manufacturing is a category of more serious drug charges that encompasses ways individuals manipulate drugs, implements or ingredients in order to more effectively get high. There are much stricter laws surrounding the manufacturing of drugs than the possession of those drugs.

Manufacturing often leads to sentences of many years in prison. These laws and penalties are often heavily enforced by prosecutors and judges who are not worried about overzealous policing. Manufacturing does not have the same health and rights-based arguments that support prosecutors reducing possession charges. Many individuals charged with manufacturing illicit drugs receive the stiffest penalties possible for their actions. They are seen as one of the forces in society perpetuating the drug trade and leading to violence and deadly overdoses.


Drug Dealing Charges

Dealing can be another class of serious drug charges. Drug dealers are basically any individuals who are caught or charged with buying and/or selling drugs on an individual basis. A drug dealer can face a wide range of charges on the state level. They may be charged simply with distribution and bringing in illicit funds from the drug trade. More serious dealers could face trafficking, tax evasion and fraud charges. State governments can choose to go after both their drug-related crimes and any crimes associated with what they did with the money they made from drug-dealing.


In addition, large of drug dealing require capital and networks. A drug dealing or drug trafficking network can be classified as a racketeering organization under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). RICO is a stiff charge that was originally introduced to combat organized crime. This charge could bring years in prison to a wide variety of individuals even loosely connected to a drug trading enterprise. These possibilities greatly enhance the legal consequences of a person connected to drug dealing crimes.


What to do when charged with Drug related crimes 

Anyone arrested for a drug crime should contact drug defense attorneys Augusta immediately. Contacting the drug defense attorneys at The Nelson Law Group in Augusta should be their first step when they are arrested and better understand the charges against them. Individuals should post bail or secure a bail bond if they are able to do so in order to get out of jail. Once they contact an attorney, they should meet with this attorney and give a full accounting of the facts. An attorney will collect any potential testimony and evidence that an individual may want to bring up for his or her defense.


Then, drug possession and distribution defense attorneys will look at the evidence that a prosecutor may have. Attorneys often will then negotiate with prosecutors about potential plea deals. A plea deal from good drug possession and distribution defense attorneys may result in a felony drug charge turning into a misdemeanor with no associated jail time. Finally, an attorney can be helpful if a case goes to trial. This trial could mean the difference between an individual going to prison or not facing a conviction at all. Attorneys are incredibly helpful at defending an individual from any potential charges and poking as many holes in a prosecutor’s arguments as possible.



A drug-related offense can be downright terrifying for most individuals. They are fearful of spending significant amounts of time trapped in a jail or prison cell. These individuals need to be careful and ensure that they do not make any mistakes throughout the drug arrest and trial process. The experienced drug defense attorneys at The Nelson Law Group will help navigate this complex process and provide the best possible criminal defense. Call us today at (706) 434-8770 to schedule an appointment.