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Steering Clear of Drama in Family Law

by Pierce Blitch

In the sometimes chaotic world of family law, emotions often run high. This can transform what was once a harmonious relationship into a battlefield of broken dreams and betrayal. As attorneys at The Nelson Law Group, we’ve witnessed firsthand how easily lawyers can exploit these emotions, much like a funeral director leveraging grief for profit. In this intricate web of legal battles, it’s critical to distinguish between genuine advocacy and manipulative theatrics.

The Peril of Emotional Exploitation

In the heart of these legal storms, some attorneys adopt the role of a bull in a china shop, recklessly escalating conflicts. They feed on their clients’ pain, launching accusations and igniting hostility, all for their own gain. It’s a tactic as old as time – preying on vulnerability to extract a heftier fee. This isn’t right, because as attorneys we are supposed to be stewards of our clients’ trust and money. Yet, some attorneys’ unwise approach to family law does nothing but deepen the wounds and prolong the agony.

A Case Study in Manipulation

Consider a recent case we handled where the divorcing couple, already embittered, found themselves further estranged by the actions of opposing counsel. This lawyer, hell-bent on vengeance, painted lurid pictures of betrayal, fanning the flames of anger for their own financial benefit. It’s a classic tale – the angrier the client, the larger and longer the payout.

The Quest for a Just Resolution

In contrast, we often see a path to a resolution that is fair, swift, and cost-effective, one that even offers a chance to rebuild bridges. Yet, such solutions are often overshadowed by the theatrics of lawyers more interested in fattening their wallets than serving justice.

The High Cost of Legal Drama

This reckless approach to family law not only harms the immediate parties but extends its damage to their children and future relations. It’s a fruitless endeavor, a wasteful drama that ends in more pain and suffering for everyone involved. As a lawyer, my ethos is to avoid such destructive paths and instead focus on healing and efficient solutions.

Unwavering Honesty: The Cornerstone of Your Legal Strategy

Telling your lawyer the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is paramount. Full disclosure allows your attorney to craft a robust, fact-based defense or argument. Concealing details or fabricating aspects of your situation will backfire, severely undermining your case.

The Social Media Trap: Why Silence is Golden

In today’s digital age, social media posts are often used as ammunition in family law cases. Seemingly innocent comments or images can be misconstrued and used against you just as much as mudslinging and lascivious posts. It’s wise to stay off social media or, at the very least, be extremely cautious about what you post.

Text and Email Etiquette: The Art of Mindful Communication

Text messages and emails to your significant other can be subpoenaed and scrutinized in court. Always communicate as if a judge were reading over your shoulder. Avoid impulsivity, aggression, or anything that could be interpreted as harassment or manipulation.

In family law, attorneys must advocate and counsel our clients with care, avoiding the destructive impulses of a rampaging bull in a china shop. At The Nelson Law Group, we commit to guiding our clients through these challenging times with integrity and empathy, focusing on resolutions that heal rather than harm.


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