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The Playbook for a Super Bowl Sunday that Avoids the Penalties of a DUI

By Will Dasher

The battle for the Lombardi Trophy kicks off at 6:30 PM on Sunday, February 11th, as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49’ers in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58.

The biggest game for America’s most popular sport is not just an event for armchair quarterbacks to enjoy; the Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon known for its grand halftime show and memorable commercials. Some viewers will even tune in to this year’s game to see how many appearances Taylor Swift will make on the screen as she cheers on her boyfriend and future Hall of Fame tight end, Travis Kelce.

Over 100 million people will get together to watch the big game at local bars or a friend’s Super Bowl party. Beer and liquor are often a cornerstone of the evening’s festivities. Millions upon millions of gallons of alcohol will be consumed by Americans on the night of the game.

Unfortunately, Super Bowl Sunday always seems to have a drastic uptick in DUI arrests and fatalities. Approximately 42% of fatal crashes on the day of the game involve drivers with a BAC (blood alcohol content) over the legal limit. Most DUI-related crashes occur immediately before and after the game.

The attorneys at The Nelson Law Group hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time watching the game. With that spirit in mind, here are some tips to avoid the penalties of a DUI on Super Bowl Sunday.

Stay In-Bounds: Georgia’s DUI Thresholds

In Georgia, the law is clear when it comes to driving under the influence. As an individual operating a motor vehicle, it’s critical to be aware that having a BAC of .08 or higher is illegal. This law is even more stringent for certain groups: drivers under the legal drinking age are subject to a lower BAC limit of .02. But what does this mean for the average driver? Understanding the amount of alcohol that pushes you beyond the legal limit is a complex issue, impacted by numerous personal factors.

Call an Audible if You Need to

If you plan on having a few drinks at the Super Bowl party, it’s always a great idea to have a trusted designated driver give you a ride to and from the function. However, if you drive to the party and have a few more drinks than you had planned, consider calling a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to safely get you home. If you are unable to obtain a ride, kindly ask the host if you can stay on the couch overnight and drive home in the morning.

Don’t Outkick Your Coverage

It’s alarmingly easy to misjudge your level of intoxication and inadvertently cross into illegal territory. Several factors determine how quickly alcohol affects your system, blurring the line between sobriety and illegality. Your body weight, percentage of body fat, and the time span between consuming drinks all contribute to the rate at which alcohol impacts your BAC. Research indicates that with each drink consumed, your BAC could rise by as much as .04 percent.

This increment might seem small, but it’s significant enough to tip the scales from legal to illegal in a short period. The repercussions of this miscalculation aren’t just legal; they’re potentially life-altering. Don’t gamble with your future.

Know the Rules to Protect Yourself from the Penalties

The law surrounding a DUI charge is a complex web of the Constitution, statutes, and caselaw. Having a basic understanding of the law when it comes to a DUI can give you the tools to protect yourself and your future from the harsh penalties that can come from a DUI conviction. Click here to learn more about the various components that are in play with a DUI arrest.


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