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The Rising Tide of Employer Liability in Cell Phone-Related Auto Accidents

By Pierce Blitch & Will Dasher

In the complex landscape of legal liability, an important Georgia Court of Appeals decision spotlights a ruling which may favor those injured in a distracted driving injury case. The case in question dives into the murky waters of cell phone usage by employees in transit, opening new avenues of accountability for employers.

Understanding the Landscape of Employer Liability

At the heart of this discussion lies the principle of vicarious liability – a legal doctrine holding employers accountable for their employees’ actions during work-related activities. Traditionally, Georgia courts have exempted commuting from this scope. Yet, this paradigm is evolving.

The Hunter Case: A Turning Point

In a landmark decision (Hunter v. Modern Cont’l Constr. Co., 287 Ga.App. 689 (2007)), the Georgia Court of Appeals confronted this issue head-on. The case involved a shift supervisor, en route to work, entangled in a road mishap while potentially engaged in a work-related phone call. The pivotal question: Was the use of the cell phone for business purposes, thus rendering the employer liable?

The Cell Phone Conundrum

The modern workforce, armed with cell phones, blurs the lines between personal and professional life. This technological tethering, while advantageous for productivity, brings with it heightened liability risks for employers.

Statistics Speak: The Perils of Distracted Driving

  • Cell phone users account for a significant portion of road traffic accidents.
  • Studies by reputable organizations like the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlight the alarming correlation between cell phone use and traffic accidents.

The Double-Edged Sword of Mobile Communication

Using a cell phone while driving divides a driver’s attention, leading to reduced reaction times and a phenomenon known as “tunnel vision.” This split focus increases the likelihood of accidents.

The evolving legal landscape necessitates vigilance from both employers and employees in addressing the complexities of cell phone use while driving. As experienced attorneys, we are keenly aware of these dynamics and committed to assisting those impacted by such incidents.


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