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The Risk of a Red Solo Cup: The Legal Dangers of Underage Drinking

By Pierce Blitch

Heading off to college opens a new chapter where young adults explore their independence, often at parties where a red solo cup is a common sight. Even the most promising students, away from parental supervision for the first time, might find themselves holding one of these cups without meeting the legal drinking age.

The Law on Underage Drinking in Georgia

In Georgia, it’s illegal for anyone under 21 to possess alcohol, a crime known as “Minor in Possession.” This isn’t just about drinking—it applies even if a young person is merely holding a drink. Being caught can lead to serious consequences.

First-Time Offenders Beware

For anyone caught for the first time, the consequences can be severe: up to six months in jail, a $300 fine, or both. The court usually also imposes probation, community service, and mandatory alcohol education classes.

Penalties for Repeat Offenses Escalate Quickly

If you’re arrested a second time, the stakes are higher, with potential penalties including up to a year in jail or a fine up to $5,000, or both.

Enforcement and Long-Term Impact

Georgia law enforcement doesn’t take this lightly. Officers are on the lookout and ready to issue citations or make arrests. From my time as a prosecutor, I’ve seen many young students, especially freshmen and sophomores, who faced these charges and quickly pled guilty, not realizing the long-term impact. A conviction can be a stumbling block when applying for jobs or further education.

There’s Hope After an Arrest

If you or your loved one has been arrested for underage drinking, it’s not the end of the road. Often, it’s possible to have the arrest expunged or record restrict from the record, making it merely a memory of college days.

At The Nelson Law Group, we go all out to defend your case against charges of underage drinking. We dig deep to find any flaws in the police procedures and argue vigorously to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charges. We’re committed to clearing your record and safeguarding your future.


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