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Understanding Child Support Payments in Georgia

By Pierce Blitch



Simplifying the Calculation of Child Support in Georgia

Child support hearings can be daunting for parents, filled with uncertainties and complex decisions. However, a clear understanding of how child support payments are calculated in Georgia can reduce stress and provide clarity.

The Foundation: Basic Child Support Obligation

Child support payments in Georgia begin with the Basic Child Support Obligation Table (BCSO). This resource sets a base amount by considering the incomes of both parents, their contribution percentage to the total parental income, and the number of children supported. This initial amount from the BCSO table is a starting point for calculations.

Adjustments Through Deviations

Most parents will find that deviations adjust the basic amount suggested by the BCSO table. These deviations can account for various expenses such as healthcare premiums if a child is covered under a parent’s insurance, as well as costs related to daycare, schooling, and extracurricular activities. These factors are crucial in determining the final child support payment.

Considering Hardships

The courts also take into account any hardships that might affect child support payments. These hardships could be short-term or long-term and may influence whether adjustments to the support payments are necessary. If a parent has contributed to the hardship, this might affect the court’s decision regarding support recalculations.

The Role of Parenting Time

Parenting time heavily influences child support calculations. Typically, the parent with the majority of parenting time incurs greater child-related expenses. This imbalance is considered when finalizing the child support amount, ensuring that financial responsibilities are fairly distributed.

Final Adjustments by the Court

Judges may consider additional factors when finalizing child support payments. The child’s best interests are paramount, but the court also assesses each parent’s financial capability. It’s essential to present all relevant financial information accurately to ensure a fair decision.


In situations requiring precise and informed child support calculations, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is crucial. At The Nelson Law Group, we’re prepared to guide you through the complexities of your child support case with comprehensive legal expertise.



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