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Unveiling the Risks of DUI Charges on Bicycles

By Pierce Blitch

When most people hear the term DUI, their thoughts immediately turn to car incidents. However, it’s important to remember that DUI charges aren’t limited to just motor vehicles. 

Understanding the Legal Boundaries

Driving under the influence encompasses more than just cars; it includes operating any vehicle, motorized or not, while impaired. The legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in Georgia is .02 for individuals under 21 and .08 for those over 21. The consequences of a DUI can range from probation to significant jail time, illustrating the severity of such charges.

Why Legal Representation is Essential

Whether it involves a car or a bicycle, facing a DUI charge is a serious situation. The complexities of DUI laws mean that having skilled legal representation is essential. An experienced attorney can offer a robust defense by challenging the nuances of the charge based on the specifics of the incident and the evidence presented.


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