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Video Evidence in Vehicle Collisions: Unmasking the Truth Behind the Lens

By Pierce Blitch

When the Screen Tells the Story: The Challenge of Accessing Vital Video Evidence

As dedicated attorneys at The Nelson Law Group, we often handle vehicle accident cases where the question of who to blame becomes a battleground. Insurance companies frequently dispute liability, aiming to deter claims from the injured. This usually leads to what’s known as “swearing contest” cases—where there aren’t any eyewitnesses, and the jury must weigh the credibility of the parties without additional support. Despite the growing presence of cameras on roads and at key intersections, obtaining these video records from police and the Department of Transportation (DOT) often feels like trying to squeeze water from a stone.

Cameras Everywhere, But Where’s the Footage?

In Augusta and beyond, it’s evident that video surveillance has become ubiquitous along major highways and intersections. Despite this, when we submit Open Records Requests or Subpoenas, the recurring response is discouraging: “We don’t record that information.” This lack of access not only prolongs disputes unnecessarily but also forces both sides into costly litigation. we’ve represented clients where the fault was apparent—be it a trucking company or a passenger car driver—but the unavailability of video evidence led to prolonged legal battles.

The Power of Dash and Body Cameras in Legal Strategies

One invaluable tool in our practice for managing car accident claims in Georgia is the dash and body camera footage from police. These devices, which include both video and audio capabilities, activate the moment police lights are turned on for dash cameras and by hand for body cameras usually when the police receive the call to respond to a wreck. This footage is often invaluable, capturing the accident scene immediately after the event under the exact road and lighting conditions, and even recording unlisted eyewitnesses’ license plates. This access is crucial in constructing a solid case for our clients.

Choosing the Right Legal Representative

When seeking legal counsel, it’s crucial to inquire about their approach to obtaining and leveraging evidence. The pursuit of truth in legal matters demands both creativity and persistence. Accept nothing less than the best effort in securing the evidence crucial for your case.


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