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What Happens if Police Discover Drugs During an Unlawful Search?

As criminal defense attorneys based in Evans, Georgia, we often encounter cases where individuals face serious consequences due to the discovery of prohibited substances by law enforcement. From routine street encounters to searches of homes and vehicles, the discovery of drugs can lead to serious legal trouble, including incarceration, probation, and/or hefty fines. However, individuals accused of drug possession have recourse to defend themselves, particularly when law enforcement oversteps boundaries.

Challenging Illegal Stops and Searches

When police conduct stops and searches without proper authorization, it may result in the exclusion of evidence obtained during those searches. This principle, known as the exclusionary rule, stems from the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. If law enforcement officers lack a valid warrant, probable cause, or consent to conduct a stop and search, any evidence they uncover may be deemed inadmissible in court.

Rendering Illegally Obtained Evidence Useless

Law enforcement officers and forensic specialists must adhere to strict standards when gathering, analyzing, and preserving evidence. Failure to comply with these standards can jeopardize the admissibility of evidence in criminal proceedings. Defense attorneys play a crucial role in challenging the legality of searches and advocating for the exclusion of unlawfully obtained evidence.   

Seeking Legal Guidance

Individuals who suspect that their rights were violated during an arrest should promptly seek legal representation. A skilled criminal defense attorney can investigate the circumstances of the arrest, gather evidence of constitutional violations, and develop a robust defense strategy. Understanding the intricacies of police procedures and criminal hearings and trials is essential for those facing drug-related charges.

Individuals facing criminal charges stemming from the discovery of drugs during a stop and search have the right to challenge the legality of that search. By working with experienced legal counsel, defendants can protect their constitutional rights and pursue the best possible outcome in their case. If the search and seizure was improper, an experienced and effective defense attorney will seek to file a motion to dismiss so that a hearing may be conducted to defend your rights in court. 


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