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When Managing an Injury Claim, Optimizing Health Benefits is Key

By Pierce Blitch

Injuries caused by a car accident can leave you swimming in medical bills and insurance paperwork. But is hiring an injury attorney in Georgia a smart move, or could you handle the claim on your own? Here, we dive into the real benefits of legal representation, especially when it comes to optimizing your health benefits after an accident.

The Hidden Perks of Legal Expertise

Hiring a lawyer after a car accident in Augusta, Georgia, or Evans, Georgia goes beyond just legal advice; it’s about maximizing what stays in your pocket. For instance, imagine you’re laid up with a broken leg from an accident. You’re facing $25,000 in medical bills, covered partly by your auto insurance and health plan. But here’s the twist: the driver at fault has limited insurance that doesn’t cover all your costs. As you stare at the ceiling, frustrated and in pain, the question arises: what’s your next step?

This is where an injury attorney’s expertise becomes invaluable. Hospitals, seeking higher payouts, may opt not to bill your health insurer, instead charging you directly at a higher rate. But an experienced attorney knows how to ensure that hospitals actually bill your health insurer and at the negotiated rate, keeping your out-of-pocket expenses lower.

The Power of Coordinated Benefits

It’s not just about dealing with hospitals. What if your health insurance refuses to cover the accident because it involved your car? Here’s the good news: health insurers cannot simply refuse to pay because it was a car accident. Armed with your health insurance details and your attorney’s knowledge, you can compel hospitals to accept the negotiated rate. Additionally, if you have medical payments coverage (Med Pay) on your auto insurance, this can be used to manage payments until it’s exhausted, only then tapping into health insurance. Your lawyer can navigate these waters, ensuring every policy works in your favor.

How We Can Help

The decision to hire an attorney after a car accident should not be taken lightly. Beyond the apparent legal guidance, an attorney’s ability to coordinate your insurance benefits can significantly reduce your financial strain. The value they bring in managing the interplay between various insurance coverages can be the lifeline you need when facing hefty medical expenses.


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