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Why Change Your Name in Georgia? Understanding the Essentials

By Pierce Blitch

In Georgia, adults and children may find themselves needing to change their names for a variety of reasons. While the process is generally straightforward, challenges can arise if you have a criminal record or lack a valid reason for the change. At The Nelson Law Group, we have successfully guided numerous clients through the necessary steps to change their names.

To initiate a name change, you must file a petition in the Superior Court of the county in which you live and provide both your current and intended new names, and the reason for your change. Changing the name of a minor child will require additional information about the child and the parent or parents seeking to change the child’s name. Missing information can result in the denial of your petition. Our law office is equipped to ensure you have all required details well-prepared for a smooth process.

Common Reasons for Name Changes: Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and divorce are the leading triggers for people to change their names. Typically, men and women may opt to change their surnames when tying the knot. It’s crucial to legally change your name to ensure all other personal records, such as bank accounts and insurance policies, are updated accordingly.

Adoption and Name Changes

Adoption does not automatically lead to a name change for the child. The team at The Nelson Law Group can facilitate the completion of the necessary petition for a name change. Once finalized, you can fully embrace your new family member. Our firm, dedicated to family law, also handles other legal aspects of adoption.

What Comes Next?

Post-name change, it’s essential to update your details with various financial entities and government departments. Key accounts that need to reflect the change include your driver’s license, passport, bank accounts, tax filings, your estate planning documents (last will and testament, advance directive for healthcare, living will and power of attorney), and credit cards.

Neglecting these updates can lead to complications like restricted access to funds and travel difficulties. If you’re uncertain about the updating process, The Nelson Law Group is here to help with all aspects of name changes in Georgia.

The Nelson Law Group: Your Partner in Family Law

We specialize in family law advocacy across Georgia. Whether you need assistance with name change for you or your child, divorce or modification of child custody team is ready to offer expert guidance and representation. Contact us today to speak with one of our seasoned attorneys about your legal needs.


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