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Your Rights After a Car Accident: What you MUST and MUST NOT do to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of by Insurance Companies

By Pierce Blitch & Will Dasher

While you won’t catch us gracing billboards or interrupting your TV shows, our commitment lies in equipping accident victims with genuine, beneficial knowledge. This dedication stands, whether or not we meet for a complimentary consultation. In line with this mission, I’m here to arm you with important information to safeguard your rights post-collision.

Decline Providing Recorded Statements to the At-Fault Party’s (or Any Other Driver’s) Insurer

Post-accident, expect the other driver’s insurance company to seek a recorded statement from you. They might even dispatch an investigator to your doorstep. Their assurance that this is a standard, helpful step is misleading. Their hidden agenda? To downplay your injuries, muddy the accident’s cause, or pin some blame on you, weakening your compensation claim. Having a car accident attorney shields you from their tactics, ensuring they communicate through your legal representative, not directly with you.

Refuse Signing Medical Releases from Insurance Companies

The insurance adjuster might coax you into signing a HIPAA release for your entire medical history, not just records pertinent to your accident injuries. This overreach isn’t for your benefit but a ploy to unearth past medical issues, attributing your current pains to those instead. This strategy aims to deny or slash your claim.

Ensure All Medical Bills Are Processed Through Your Health Insurance

Augusta-area hospitals and medical groups might tell you your health insurance won’t cover treatments stemming from car accidents. This is misleading and often illegal. They prefer charging uninsured rates—up to five times your insured rate—than placing a lien on your personal injury claim. This ensures they’re paid first from any settlement, potentially leaving you with nothing.

Recognize When You Need a Car Accident Attorney

Not all car accidents necessitate legal counsel. In certain cases, lawyer fees might reduce your net compensation. However, significant injuries, lost work time, insurance company mistreatment, or bills exceeding the negligent driver’s policy limits are red flags. Consulting an attorney could secure a fairer settlement, truly compensating you for your ordeal.

Explore All Recovery Sources Beyond the Negligent Driver’s Insurance

Serious injuries often involve drivers with only minimum coverage. If your bills outpace their policy, we investigate additional avenues—other applicable policies, the driver’s employment context, or your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In cases involving drunk driving, we also consider Dram Shop actions against the negligent server or Social Host liability.

Understand the Tax-Free Nature of Personal Injury Settlements

In Georgia, personal injury settlements and jury awards are typically tax-exempt. The exception lies in punitive damages.

Ensure Settlements Encompass All Current and Future Losses

Post-accident injuries might spawn future medical issues. Settlements or verdicts should account for both endured and anticipated hardships. Overlooking future challenges, like potential surgeries, could leave you bearing those costs. We collaborate with experts to secure comprehensive compensation for our clients.—


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